Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Yet more Lambing!

As I am sure you will realise, it has been a tiring and busy time with ups and downs as usual.  There have been some wonderful highs - one of my wildest sheep with lambing problems waiting for me to come and help her and following me to the shelter with her lamb (gone back to being wild now!!) and lows - arriving at 5am to find my oldest ancient black had started lambing in the night and exhausted herself - managed to get the lamb out but she died shortly after.  There have been frustrating moments - the ewe with plenty of milk and lambs she loved but whose lambs seemed unable to get the idea of sucking.  And funny moments - the little black lamb who insists on launching himself at you every time he sees you.

But this is the photo I really want to show you!  I don't know whether I told you, or if you remember if I did, but last year Angelina Jolie suffered a crow attack when she got stuck on her back.  Her eyes were pecked out and she is now totally blind.  She has adapted remarkably after a few weeks living in the garden and now is back in the field where she finds her way around with only occasional bumps into fences.  Last week she had her lamb and she loves it!  She keeps it close and it is very good at coming straight back when she calls - as it is a girl I think I will keep her and they can stay together.


  1. Ah! Bless! I think that's why l enjoy Countryfile,
    because of the farm life and sheep etc...But, l'd
    find it difficult to handle the sad side, people
    dying is o.k. with me, but animals, l take that
    very differently..but then, we Sicilians, are
    a very emotional people!

  2. Sicilians get better weather than us! Looks like another cold snap on the way - wrap up warm!!